REUTER Performance Starter Kit XL

Artikelnummer: EP-02-927

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The Performance Brushs are completely redesigned. They combine user-friendliness, performance enhancement and cost-effectiveness:

• available in three sizes: L = 1 million carbon fibers; XL = 1.5 million carbon fibers; XXL = 2 million carbon fibers

• easy and precise adjustment of the brush

• longer life and better cooling through the large Teflon sleeve

• all parts are engineered with acid-proof stainless steel

• cheaper than the time-tested XL brush & even longer brush life

• Reuter Performance Guarantee – only original with the orange thread

The high performance large, CNC-turned Teflon sleeve
will give you the required brush length quickly and precisely in a few simple turns.
 The new thread adapter will allow you to quickly replace your current handle and insert the newly designed version. Because all our products come with German precision engineering as standard, it will also protect the thread between the brush and the handle preventing any oxidization.

The new transparent heat resistant cap is designed to place over your brush once finished to keep your brush in pristine condition and ready for the next job.

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